Meanjin: What I’m Reading

The box of books I pack to take to the beach for our three-week summer camping trip is ambitious to say the least. It is ambitious in terms of time (and maybe content); the summers where I devoured up to twenty novels during our beachside hiatus are long gone. Read the full article


Finding Gold: On Writing Skylarking

The small cove is white sand, pink sky, pale grey ocean. The kids spin mad circles, their laughter pitched high. My best friend and I nestle beers in the cooling sand and smile, smug with our choice of beach, plucked at random off a map, far enough up the coast that we can hope for winter sunshine. Read the full article


The Inc. Blot: On female friendship

It is not the most endearing friendships that loom large in my literary memory, rather those that most viscerally evoke love, devotion, obsession, jealousy. Those friendships that seem to be made of two individuals who together form a whole. Read the full article


Sunday Life Magazine

I Love You Best

t’s 1969. Mum is 16. Her best friend, Maree, is a year younger. They meet in the afternoon to plan their outfits for a party that night: granny-print dresses to mid-calf, hair out and flowing. Read the full article

Kate’s first book, SKYLARKING was published in Australia by Black Inc. in 2016 and in the UK by Legend Press in 2017.