The Mother Fault is here!

Sep 08, 2020


What a time we are living through. I hope that wherever you are – in lockdown, setting out tentatively into a changed world, or dealing with the incredible challenges this pandemic has brought us (on top of the ones we already had) – that you are keeping safe and finding joy in the small and big things that come your way.

It’s been one week since The Mother Fault hit shelves and, despite being in lockdown here in Melbourne, it’s been a week of overwhelming joy, gratitude and celebration.

Last Wednesday night Charlotte Wood launched The Mother Fault for me at Readings with over 200 people and I was giddy with how bloody lovely it was (including the starring role played by my kids in the thank yous) and woke up to champagne corks and flowers and balloons and every possible piece of TMF merchandise one could think of. Heart FULL.

I also woke up to this thrilling review by Bec Kavanagh for The Monthly and the news that TMF had already sold out at my amazing local Eltham Bookshop (don’t worry more stock arriving!).

Still on a high after speaking to my podcast hero Astrid Edwards for The Garret and somehow convincing the Booktopia crew my next book is erotic fiction in my chat with them.

Because I can’t get out to visit bookstores right now, I’ve been LOVING getting pics of TMF on the shelves, and hearing that she is book of the month for The Leaf Bookshop and of the week for Riverbend Books and hit the Readings Top Ten in her first few days out in the world. Also loving getting messages from readers who are listening to the audiobook narrated by Claudia Karvan (swoon!!!) or staying up late to finish because they can’t put it down (the very best news!).

Amazing sketching by Sarah McMahon

Last night I had the great pleasure of speaking with Trent Dalton (whose new book All Our Shimmering Skies you can preorder now!) for Avid Reader Books with a bunch of wonderful Brisbane folk and friends from all over.

And there are a bunch more events coming up in September if you missed out (or like my ma and pa, you want to come to ALL of them!):

More booked in October and November so keep an eye on my Events page for more.


Thank you to every single one of you who has bought the book, shared a pic, reviewed online, sent a gift, come to an event or otherwise spread the word! It’s a challenging time to be bringing a book out into the world and I am grateful for all the love you are spreading around The Mother Fault xx


If by chance it HAS sold out at your local bookstore or wherever you purchase from or you can’t see it in store or online, please ask them to get you in a copy – booksellers are doing such a STELLAR job at the moment adapting to their new retail environment and they will be exceedingly helpful in getting a copy to you! And while you are purchasing books – check out these incredible new releases from Australian writers:

and I recommend preordering It’s Been a Pleasure Noni Blake by Claire Christian, out on Sep 29!

My friend and co-host Katherine Collette and I will continue to chat about book release feels, lockdown and speak with fabulous Australian writers about their books and careers on The First Time podcast so you can catch up on all  our news there.

Enormous thanks again and hope you stay safe and well.

K xx


Kate’s first book, SKYLARKING was published in Australia by Black Inc. in 2016 and in the UK by Legend Press in 2017. Her second THE MOTHER FAULT is published in Australia by Simon & Schuster in 2020 and in the UK by Harper Collins UK in 2021. Kate’s third novel, THE HUMMINGBIRD EFFECT was published in Australia by Simon & Schuster in August 2023.

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