May 8 2023 , 6:30 pm : Book Launch: West Side Honey by Claire Christian Kate will officially launch Claire Christian's wonderful full hearted novel, West Side Honey at Readings Carlton.


Rachel Funari Prize For Fiction 2023 will be judged by Lip’s editors, as well as our esteemed judges Kate Mildenhall, Sara El Sayed and Katherine Larsen.

Apr 27 2023 , 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm : Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Writing Workshop In this online workshop Kate will share tips and strategies for writers and creatives at any stage in their career, to help  build strong creative practice habits and work through blocks, rejection and creative slumps.

Apr 1 2023 : Newcastle Writers Festival: In conversation with Holly Ringland Holly Ringland returns to the festival after the international success of her best-selling debut novel The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. She will discuss her haunting new book, The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding, a story of a powerful sisterly bond, fairy tales and forgiveness with Kate Mildenhall.

Apr 5 2023 , 6:30 pm : Book launch: The Bookbinder of Jericho, Pip Williams Kate will launch The Bookbinder of Jericho for Pip Williams at Cinema Nova for Readings Books

Apr 1 2023 : Newcastle Writers Festival: In conversation with Brigid Delaney Greek and Roman philosophers from the Stoic tradition believed the key to a good life was to stop chasing happiness and start cultivating contentment. In her bestselling book Reasons Not to Worry, Brigid Delaney guides readers through the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. She’ll share how to apply its teachings to our lives in a way that allows us to regain a sense of agency and calm.  

Apr 2 2023 : Newcastle Writers Festival: In conversation with Chris Flynn Literary critic Declan Fry has described Chris Flynn as ‘a restless experimenter, a fabulist’. In his compelling new collection of short stories, Here Be Leviathans, Chris gives a voice to the world around us, with narrators including a bear, a river, a platypus and a hotel room. He speaks to Kate Mildenhall about embracing the absurd, breaking rules, and finding your voice as a writer.

Kate’s first book, SKYLARKING was published in Australia by Black Inc. in 2016 and in the UK by Legend Press in 2017. Her second THE MOTHER FAULT is published in Australia by Simon & Schuster in 2020 and in the UK by Harper Collins UK in 2021. Kate’s third novel, THE HUMMINGBIRD EFFECTwill also be published in Australia by Simon & Schuster in 2023.