Aug 4 2023 - Oct 21 : For all Kate's tour event details for The Hummingbird Effect see Simon & Schuster's Tour Page

May 23 2024 : Sydney Writers Festival: The First Time Live Co-host of The First Time podcast, Kate Mildenhall, talks to debut writers James Colley and Melanie Saward and writer (and one-time podcast ‘Agony Aunt’) Charlotte Wood about the highs and lows of the writing life.

May 26 2024 : Sydney Writers Festival: How to Emerge Join Varuna Creative Director Maeve Marsden and writers Graham Akhurst (Borderland), Winnie Dunn (Dirt Poor Islanders) and Kate Mildenhall (The Hummingbird Effect) as they discuss their paths to publication and offer guidance for those with literary stars in their eyes.

May 26 2024 : Sydney Writers Festival: Holly Ringland, The House that Joy Built Take your seat for an inspiring conversation with Holly and Kate Mildenhall at this Parramatta Event